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Career Management Hint Tips & Links & Career Blogs

Free career management hints & tips

The importance of career management:

In the highly competitive employment market it is essential to actively manage your career, to ensure you have a current and sought after skill set and to maximise your marketability. Often there is the need to think creatively about how this can be accomplished.

Truly effective career management strategies can enable you to reach your career potential.

Use these helpful websites and free resources as a start point to defining your career management strategy. 

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Coaching Your Career

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Straight From The Horses Mouth
"Someone knows what you need. Someone needs what you know"


Career Blogs:

Career blogs are another good start point and a useful tool in shaping ideas for a career management strategy.

Telegraph Jobs & Careers

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Role Specific Skills:

Project Management skills


Neutral Consultancy & Training - Project Management & Change Management a speciality

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